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HP Latex 300 Printers

A range of printers that are so brimming with clever technology there’s something for new and existing Latex users alike.

With the newest, 3rd generation of HP Latex technology you can finish-off jobs immediately after printing offering  your customer faster delivery times on a scratch resistant product that has longer durability for both indoor and outdoor use.

Simplified operator processing, longer service intervals

and a take up reel means more efficient and cost

effective productivity for you.

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HP Latex 300 Printer Applications

Wallcoverings and canvas

A new market opportunity
Look beyond signage and see new profit potential with stunning, high-margin wallcoverings. With HP Latex Inks there’s no drying time, so you can move straight from production to installation, and the HP WallArt solution1 helps you get up and running quickly.

Outdoor and event banners

Attract new customers
Get noticed from afar and draw the eye of new customers with unforgettable building covers and banners that stay crisp in outdoor conditions, thanks to advanced weather resistance and light-fastness.

Vehicle graphics

Advertise everywhere
Take your marketing on the road and grow your audience with stand-out vehicle wraps and fleet graphics. Printed on specialized cast vinyl, HP Latex Ink and cast over-laminates are weather, light, and scratch resistant, so they can stand up to the demands of the road, while the flexible ink layer conforms to the most complex surfaces.

Point of purchase posters

Low cost, big impact
Create eye-catching promotional displays on all types of paper – including low-cost uncoated and traditional offset papers – which draw customer’s attention and help shoppers’ make the decision where it matters most.


Outshine the competition
Deliver high-value backlit applications and produce dazzling prints up to 1200 dpi on a range of backlit printing materials including paper, film, polypropylene and textiles.

Temporary textiles

Offer customers more
Complement your business and deliver a premium product with unique textile signage applications, which can be printed on a wide variety of fabrics including uncoated and natural fibers.

HP Latex 300 Printer Features

Lower curing heats, the great new colour collector and access to the new online media profile library gives consistently better quality prints on an extended range of media.

The new HP Latex 300 Printer Series allows you to offer unmatched versatility that meets every customer’s needs and marks the beginning of unstoppable growth for you.

Efficient operation with a 6-ink system

Beat client expectations for quality, durability.

Maximize workspace with easy operation.

Build a healthier environment, inside and out.

Enjoy easy operation with an affordable investment.

Handle highly demanding turnaround times.

Advanced colour management backed by HP reliability

Comparable speed and quality with scratch resistance!

Productive & Easy Operation

Automatic & easier maintenance

Healthier work space At no extra cost

Differentiate & grow your business using textiles and paper based medias.

Reduce Printing Costs | Increase Productivity | Improve Print Quality

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